Amanda MacDonald, USA

Founder of Full Gallop Communications, Amanda is an experienced marketing consultant who specialises in helping equine businesses to address their marketing needs.

“I wanted to create a company that allowed me to work in the industry where I spend my free time, after working in corporate marketing for manufacturing, healthcare and optics.”

Working with other companies intent on making their dreams happen was not the first thing on Amanda’s list when just out of school. Originally a fine arts major, she took her creativity in another direction when she discovered that she was more interested in the marketing aspect of business, than actually making the product itself. That developed into going back to school for some design and programming and became a long-term marketing career.

Based in Rochester, New York, Full Gallop Communications works with equestrian companies to build brand understanding, attract more leads and grow sales with targeted digital marketing; content writing; marketing planning and strategy; PR and market research. With over 17 years of hands-on experience, Amanda knows how to create wider brand visibility and increased interest in her clients’ products resulting in sales. She shares her talents with businesses of all types, including public speaking, teaching, and marketing coaching.

Amanda actively rides dressage on a draft-cross mare, Lucy, shares office space with her two black cats, a retired greyhound and lives with her husband in the countryside. Between projects, she practices her baking skills, occasionally finishes a sketch, drinks too much coffee and considers revisiting an interest in archery.

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