Di Dall’Oglio, AUS

Pilates teacher and Emerald Pilates studio owner, Di has been teaching bodies to move since 1992.

Di Dall’Oglio is a Pilates teacher and has her own studio in Emerald, Victoria, Australia. She holds a level 4 qualification recognized by the Australian Pilates Method Association and has trained with some of the best teachers around.

Di has been teaching bodies how to move since 1992 – starting off as an “Aerobics Instructor” to now working with complex injuries and pathologies with all kinds of people – and helping them to seemingly “magically” transform their lives through the practise of Pilates. She sometimes does not even know how she does it – describing it as a deep intuition that she can “see” but not explain, when working with clients.

She has grown up with horses and enjoys basic dressage and trail riding – Di knows that to ride well, the rider must be strong, balanced and mobile. She believes Pilates is essential to being around horses – patience and calmness, combined with physical, mental and emotional strength are so important to enjoy the gift of a great relationship with a horse.  

Di firmly believes riding can be made more effective through regular Pilates practice and taken therefore to the next level. Di can help people reach their potential in this field, and loves designing corrective exercises for rider problems.

Di lives in Emerald, has 3 teenage children who are amazing in every way, and a husband who keeps her grounded and is her rock. She grew up in the country, loves her eccentric parents and sisters, and believes in manners, and grabbing life with both hands and living.

Di is not famous, but she is darn good at what she does, and loves it. She thinks big, works hard, has ridiculous energy and work ethic. She is the opposite to lazy.

Di wants everyone to have the gift of incredible health, to thrive with energy and feel limitless.


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