Dr John Stewart, AUS

Retired equine veterinary surgeon and showjumping rider, John has specialised in equine nutrition and behaviour for over 30 years in Australia, the UK and the USA.

  • Consultancy service on horse behaviour and nutrition issues for 30+ years
  • Practicing Equine Veterinary Surgeon for over 30 years in Australia, UK and USA
  • 1979 Honours graduate Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Melbourne University)
  • Membership of Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons 1983
  • Nationally competitive Showjumping rider ultimately unsuccessfull in quest for Selection for the Montreal Olympics 1976
  • Expert witness in horse related litigation including Court appearances and mediation conferences since 1988
  • Advisory role in risk reduction & profitability of horse businesses.
  • Director of Horse Business Management studies Marcus Oldham College 1985 to 1996.
  • Educational consultant to institutions running horse related educational programs .
  • Consultant to NutritionScienceGroup.com a service educating people on Low carb, ketosis and fasting for optimal human health.

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