Stephanie Warburton, AUS

Coming from a background in Kinesiology, Reiki Mastership, Self-Development and Mindset Coaching, Stephanie offers a unique perspective on horse and rider performance. Stephanie is the current Mindset Performance Coach at St Kilda Football Club and is a highly sought-after leading figure in the health and wellness industry.

Steph has been working alongside elite show-jumpers, dressage competitors and in the eventing arena. Here she corrects connection problems with rider and horse, establishing a secure partnership moving forward.

Whether you have a goal you are working towards or just enjoy riding for leisure, Steph’s equine connection theories work for everyone.

Her work takes riders to the next level by helping them to become aware of issues that have been blocking their progress, releasing unwanted limitations mentally, psychically, spiritually and emotionally.

Stephanie Warburton enables riders to break through barriers blocking their progress & build a stronger bond with their horse.

On the EquiLivin App, Stephanie presents videos addressing how performance anxiety shows up in the lives of equestrians.

You will learn:

  • What is performance anxiety?
  • How does anxiety affect the communication between horse and rider?
  • What behaviour comes a result of performance anxiety?
  • What are mental limits?
  • How to strengthen the connection between yourself and your horse
  • How to recognise when you’re past your horse’s limits
  • How to prepare for an upcoming event
  • How to set a goal that’s appropriate for you and your horse
  • How to prevent a bad experience
  • How to manage frustration and disappointment
  • What to do when things aren’t going to plan
  • What are the indicators of mental fatigue?
  • How to create variation in your training
  • How to prevent boredom behaviours
Download the full Performance Anxiety program and turn your knowledge into action.
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