Desiree Sieben, CAN

Desiree Sieben is the owner and instructor behind Mane Equestrian Athletics.

Fitness, yoga and equestrianism have been part of Desiree’s life from a young age. She began riding in her teens and quickly discovered her passion for fitness and yoga. A big heart for animals led her to complete a diploma in Animal Health Technology in 2012. Desiree became a registered veterinary technologist (animal nurse) in Alberta, Canada.

While riding competitively and working on her own fitness, Desiree became acutely aware of the lack of equestrian-specific health and fitness professionals in her area. This motivated Desiree to complete her personal training certification, followed by 200-hour yoga teacher training.

Mane Equestrian Athletics officially launched in 2016 and has grown rapidly. Desiree teaches fitness and yoga classes across Alberta, geared specifically to the equestrian. 

Desiree has a keen interest in yoga biomechanics, mindfulness, and meditation – always finding connections for the equestrian athlete. She is currently completing a Mindfulness Coaching Program.

Mane Equestrian Athletics mission is to support the equestrian community through encouraging rider wellness, in and out of the saddle. Inspiring equestrians to view themselves as much an athlete as their horses are. 

It has brought Desiree great joy to watch the benefits of body awareness and mindfulness in equestrians of all disciplines and experience levels.

Desiree primarily rides English and is showing her appaloosa gelding, Hunter. However, she has a large appetite for learning new things and enjoys various disciplines. 

Mane Equestrian Athletics presents Yoga for Equestrians on the EquiLivin App

Desiree presents Mindful Movement Yoga on the EquiLivin App.

Equestrian yoga titles include:

  • Relieve tension through your lower leg, feet and ankles
  • Flexibility and openness through your hips and lower back
  • Relieve tension through your neck and shoulders
  • Exercises for posture improvement on and off the horse
Equestrian Yoga

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