Claudia MacLeay, AUS

Claudia grew up in the inner-city Sydney suburb of Balmain, though this didn’t stop her from riding.

Each school holidays when Claudia visited her grandparents in Casino – a small town in Northern New South Wales – she would go to riding lessons with Beryl Chick who had been one of Australia’s best female trick and rodeo riders (Beryl’s grandfather Jack Riley was the inspiration for Banjo Patterson’s “Man from Snowy river”). Once her parents could see that Claudia’s interest in horses was not just a fleeting hobby, she began weekly lessons closer to home at the Centennial Parkland Equestrian centre in Sydney.

A Solid Equine Career Foundation

Her first horse Lance was a gift for finishing her final year 12 exams. Encouraged by her coach at the time Michelle Baker, Claudia completed her Equestrian Australia coaching certificates in 2012 and became a riding instructor. Inspired to know more about the horses she was working with, Claudia enrolled in a Bachelor of Equine Science with Charles Sturt University, graduating in 2015.

After graduating she then continued with Charles Sturt University to complete her Bachelor
of Science Honours in 2018, were she was awarded Honours first class.

Equine Science Research

Her research has been the largest and most in-depth study into equine nutrition and equine management in Australia.

Claudia presented her research at the 13th international equitation science conference, where she won the award for best student academic poster presentation. Currently Claudia is preparing more research for publication, but a PhD in equine science is her next goal.

Future Equine Sustainability

When she isn’t stuck behind a desk Claudia loves a quiet hack down through the red river gums on her Thoroughbred mare Cindy. Claudia’s particular interests are in equine nutrition and equine pasture management and how good pasture management can deliver economic, environmental and animal welfare benefits.

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