Jemima Shearer, AUS

Jemima Shearer is a personal trainer and sport specific coach. Driven by strong belief that an active, healthy lifestyle should be a part of every equestrian’s fitness regime.

Through her work with individuals and group coaching, she regularly witnesses the physical and mental transformation that health and fitness training provides.

For all horse riders, exercise should be a major part of the equestrian lifestyle. Equestrian fitness training requires a lot of strength and control. Exercise is a key building block to improve on those abilities on the horse.

Jemima utilises exercise to help riders prevent injury and improve strength, endurance and performance.

Anytime Fitness venues in South East Melbourne are her second home, where you’ll find Jemima working out and rocking the finest active wear styles.

Equestrian fitness classes in full swing with Jemima Shearer

On the EquiLivin App, Jemima presents HITT Time Equestrian Fitness Workouts, designed to achieve the following:

  • Improve endurance on and off the horse
  • Improve full body strength and coordination
  • Improve mental resilience
Equestrian Fitness workouts on the EquiLivin App
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